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Day 9: Las Vegas 

June 9, 2015

We ended up staying an extra day in Vegas so we can see the sights, and recover from our long journey yesterday.

We woke up so early that most of Vegas was still asleep. But we did manage to ride the monorail at 8 AM.   

Inside the Paris hotel.


Enjoying the party scene at the MGM Grand lazy river. This was a highlight for Isaac! Florence had to wear her winter hat in the pool because we lost her sun hat!


It was tough to have a baby in Vegas, there was absolutely no where to sit down and nurse her! She reached a breaking point late in the afternoon, was so hungry, and I couldn’t find anywhere to nurse her. I ended up using a couch, surrounded by at least 500 people waiting to check into their rooms at the Bellagio. Talk about awkward! This beautiful blown glass was right above my nursing area in the lobby of the Bellagio!


We had dinner at the rain Forest Café, at Isaac’s request.


It was actually really fun for all of us!


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