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Day 5: Grand Canyon North Rim

June 9, 2015

Next stop: Grand Canyon national Park, north rim! Back on the road. 
Stopped for a break in Arizona, checked out a very hot playground.


Another rest stop in Navajo land in Arizona. Spectacular scenery, hot and dry, a jewelry stand in the middle of nowhere. There was also an outhouse that was a plywood shack, with a plywood bench inside, and a hole cut in the bench. Isaac was thrilled by this. He used it multiple times in the span of 20 minutes, and we even spotted a lizard living inside the outhouse!


At last, we we reached the Grand Canyon! The lodge with built right on the edge of the canyon with huge windows. Spectacular!



Even better – John and Jessica met up with us there! It was so wonderful to see them!

Selfie time 



There was a very cool precipice out over the edge of the Grand Canyon. A tiny little fence surrounded the rock finger jutting into the abyss. My favorite part of the park!!


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