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Rabbit Mountain Walk

October 15, 2012

We went to Rabbit Mountain for a little hike this weekend.  Isaac walked the whole thing by  himself which is an exciting first!

Here he is, ready to get started and “go up high.”

Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 021

Here he is standing on a rock, “like a baby mountain goat.”  I was like the mama mountain goat, and Jamie was like the daddy mountain goat.  All Isaac’s words… Smile

Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 024

Look, there’s a yellow tree!

Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 027

Jamie waits for us during this mountain goat climbing and yellow tree spotting.

Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 030

Look, a cactus!

Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 032

“Mama, do you want to take a picture of me?”

Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 038


Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 043

We have a picnic at the top.  Water, honeycrisp apples, and dates.

Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 044Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 052

He’s waving at us in this picture.

Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 061

Now for the exciting part.  Running downhill.  Isaac had a big plan for his.  He was a bullet train. I was riding on the bullet train, so I had to run right behind him.  I was instructed to put my seatbelt on so I’d be safe for the fast ride ahead.

Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 068

Bullet train takes off! Full speed ahead!Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 073

Bullet train stops for a rest and to wait for Daddy. He alternates between wanting Jamie to be the caboose, and wanting him to be a competing bullet train that we’re running away from.

Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 083

Another rest.  He was very sweaty and red faced after all this running.  I suggested that drinking water was kind of like a train getting gas, which he thought was an excellent idea.

Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 094

Bullet train is going fast again!

Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 099

Near the end, bullet train started to think it was very fun to collapse to the ground because he was broken.  He had to wait for daddy to fix (aka tickle) him.

Rabbit Mountain Oct 2012 107

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