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Rocky Mountain National Park

September 17, 2012

Jamie’s friend from college was in town visiting this weekend, so we took him to see Rocky Mountain National Park.  We spotted a Pika, and hiked up this beautiful valley:

Rocky Mtn September 004Rocky Mtn September 008Rocky Mtn September 013Rocky Mtn September 018

Had to switch to piggy back.  We were at around 9500 ft here; I felt dizzy walking up this steep hill!

Rocky Mtn September 028Rocky Mtn September 030Rocky Mtn September 036

Happy boy!

Rocky Mtn September 038

Jamie and Stephen pose with some 14,000 ft peaks in the background.

Rocky Mtn September 051

Jamie and Isaac crossed a scary log bridge! Stephen and I walked upstream a little to a place where we could hop over without having to balance on a slick log. We feared for the safety of our cameras.

Rocky Mtn September 054

I didn’t get a picture of the Pika, but here’s what he looks like.  A mouse-rabbit (looking) hybrid that lives at 12,000 ft.  He doesn’t hibernate, but instead collects a bathtub sized quantity of food to munch on over the winter:


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