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95 Mile Bike Ride to Grand Lake

July 2, 2012

On Saturday Jamie and his biking buddy Josh rode from Longmont, up and over Rocky Mountain National Park, all the way to Grand Lake on the other side of the mountains. That’s 95 miles and 9,500 ft of climbing!

These are the beautiful (and hilly) roads they traversed.

Grand Lake 069

Their route (mapmyride link here)


Isaac and I were the sag wagon.  We planned to meet them in Grand Lake and give them a ride home.  And also keep our eyes peeled for any prone bodies we happened to see lying by the side of the road as we passed through the park.  But of course, that didn’t happen! Instead we got to be tourists, stopping at view points to get our picture taken:

Isaac gets shy in the Rockies

We spotted lots of elk in the park, and also had two moose sightings on the western side of the mountains!  Jamie and Josh saw a marmot run across the road in front of them, which I was jealous of because I’ve never seen one.

Grand Lake 156

Here’s where we passed them on the road.  They’re only about 15 miles away from Grand Lake at this point, and it’s all down hill from here which is why they are so happy.

Grand Lake 082

Isaac and I hung out eating candy and ice cream while we waited for Jamie and Josh:

Grand Lake 097

This huge candy thing is actually a candy apple.  I asked Isaac to “Look at the camera” and this is the face I got in response:

Grand Lake 106

Jamie and Josh arrive!  Exhausted but happy to have made it.  They got ice cream to celebrate.

Grand Lake 113

We stopped at the Trail Ridge Road view point on the drive back home, where I took a portrait of the kings of the mountain:

Grand Lake 145

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