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Salida Cabin

June 26, 2012

We visited Salida this weekend with our friends the Wilcoxes.  We rented a little cabin in the mountains at around 9,000 ft so we were nice and cool (especially compared with Longmont’s weekend temps of over 100)!

amen cabin

The cabin had a deck overlooking the Monarch River:

salida 008

cabin view

In the evenings we’d put the kids to bed, then sit on our deck and chat. Very fun!

salida 009

salida 013

In the mornings we enjoyed coffee on our lovely deck.  Isaac and Sylvie played together and kept each other totally happy, so we were able to kick back and relax!

morning coffee


salida 028

There was a long staircase through the forest to the river – and another deck –below.


salida 018

Isaac and Sylvie enjoyed throwing rocks & sticks into the river.

salida 014

Then climbing back up the stairs!


More about Salida tomorrow!

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