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Short Hike at Hall Ranch

April 25, 2012

I am way behind on posting pictures again!  This is from the week before Easter – we tested out our new hiking backpack at Hall Ranch, which is just 20 minutes away from our house – just outside of Lyons.

Here’s Isaac, slathered in sunscreen and getting ready to embark:

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 104

Starting off on the trail.  Blue skies, sunny, and dry:

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 114

Warning! Mountain Lion Habitat!

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 119

Two dudes in their sunglasses.

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 121

First wildlife sighting – a bunny!

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 123

We were hiking at the end of the day, around 430, so the sun was setting and making all the spring flowers glow.

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 130

Red Rocks

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 132

Rocky path

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 136

I was trying to have Jamie tip his head to one side so I could get a picture of him and Isaac at the same time…but Isaac thought it was hilarious to tip his head exactly the same way as Jamie’s – so he was always hiding!

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 144

Isaac got sick of riding and decided to do some trail running!

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 154

Scampering down the hill!

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 171

Scampering across a little bridge

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 178

More wildlife!  We saw a herd of about 20 deer!

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 189

They were not afraid of us.  I was pretty sure a mountain lion was going to jump out at any moment and eat one of them! But it didn’t happen…

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 191

Then Isaac had an accident and had to finish the hike sans pants.  We hadn’t carried in an extra pair.

Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 216-002


Easter, Rhubarb, & Hummus 219

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  1. April 27, 2012 12:56 pm

    lol! Love the censorship.

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