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El Dorado Canyon

December 19, 2011

Yesterday  it hit 40 degrees so we headed down just south of Boulder to visit El Dorado Canyon State Park. 

El Dorado Canyon 079

El Dorado Canyon 057

El Dorado Canyon 087

It is very popular with rock climbers. We had fun spotting the teeny tiny climbers far above us on the canyon walls:

El Dorado Canyon 022

Can you see them? I tried to help you out…


We hiked on a snowy trail and looked for eagles. We did not see any. Isaac was certain that snakes lived under every rock.  We have a book where there’s a snake living under the rock, and apparently it’s had a big impact.

El Dorado Canyon 039El Dorado Canyon 062El Dorado Canyon 067

Watched climbers through binoculars.  Here we asked Isaac – “can you see them?” and he said “Yes!” even though his eyes weren’t lined up with the binocs Smile

El Dorado Canyon 076El Dorado Canyon 095El Dorado Canyon 104El Dorado Canyon 114El Dorado Canyon 127

Posing for a dramatic show at the edge of a cliff!

El Dorado Canyon 140

This is his little smile for the camera, so cute.

El Dorado Canyon 157

Of course we had to throw some rocks off the cliff.  Jamie was keeping a firm hold on the back of Isaac’s jacket and Isaac kept saying “Don’t hold my shirt! Don’t hold my shirt!”

El Dorado Canyon 167El Dorado Canyon 169

2 Comments leave one →
  1. December 19, 2011 8:46 am

    Wow, fabulous! Yes Isaac’s smile for the camera is very cute. And you caught the rock just after launching. Very cool. You guys are terrific. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Momma Jen permalink
    December 19, 2011 5:54 pm

    I LOVE this set of pictures!! Looks like a happy family day outside. Has Isaac heard the tale of snow snakes?

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