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More Birthday

October 9, 2011

Next up – a big box from Grandma Hansen.

Isaac's bday 213

A Strider bike – cool!

Isaac's bday 215

But Isaac has his expectations set from this morning.  When you open a present, there should be a truck inside.  “Where’s the truck??”

Isaac's bday 219

I guess this wheel is pretty cool…

Isaac's bday 224

The bike needed some assembly, so we moved on to another truck.  This one is from Uncle James.

Isaac's bday 228

A recycling truck!

Isaac's bday 229

And you can put garbage inside it.  Talk about fun!

Isaac's bday 243

Here’s, let’s put some cardboard squares inside.  These seem like they should be recycled, right?

Isaac's bday 252Isaac's bday 254Isaac's bday 259

Next he recycled some train cars…

Isaac's bday 264

Look at that tiny mouth of concentration!

Isaac's bday 267

And those are just the presents we opened before lunchtime!  Stay tuned for more…

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