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Tree Planting

September 18, 2011

We bought the 5 juniper trees for along our driveway while mom was in town.  It was going to cost $165 and take 3 weeks for them to be delivered, so we rented the Lowes pickup truck for $19 and picked them up ourselves.  It was going to cost about $1000 for the nursery to plant them for us, so we did that ourselves too!

Mom took a few pictures of the hard labor.  First we evened out the ground and removed many wheelbarrow loads of mulch that were overflowing onto the driveway.  Jamie also hacked out (with an axe!) a few big leftover mulberry roots that were directly under a planned new-tree spot.


Next, we dug the holes for the trees.


One by one, we set the trees in their holes, eyed them from all angles to make sure they were straight, then filled the dirt back in.  Mom and I tossed shovelfuls of dirt at Jamie’s feet as he stomped/danced in a circle around the trees so that everything was packed in firmly and the trees stayed straight.


Success!  And $1000 saved…just enough to buy the new couch I’ve had my eye on!


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