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June 30, 2011

Isaac has a talent for falling asleep within 1-2 seconds in any moving vehicle type situation.  This includes the car, bike trailer, and stroller.  If he’s going for a ride anytime within 2 hours of naptime, it is pretty much impossible to keep him from passing out.

Exhibit A:  Here he is just after we’d arrived home from the library.  This is about 30 minutes before his usual naptime.  He was so passed out that I unstrapped him from the trailer, removed his helmet, carried him inside, and set him down on the couch.

Isaac 008

We’d been outside, he’d been sweating like a little piggy (I think I have the only sweaty 2 year old around…), and I wanted him to eat lunch or at least have a drink before his nap.

Isaac 009

He stayed passed out like this and could not be roused until I gave up and carried him upstairs to his bed.  The second his back touched the mattress he sprung awake! Like he’d never been asleep at all!

Lucky for me he then drank some milk, read a book with me, and went back to sleep

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