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CSA Week 2 & how we ate Week 1

June 9, 2011

I picked up our 2nd week of CSA produce on Tuesday.  It was pretty similar to week 1, but with beets instead of carrots.  I’d say over half is leafy greens, which we happen to love.  Not sure what we’ll do later this summer if we have boatloads of zucchini to eat, but for now this is easy!

CSA week 2 001CSA week 2 003CSA week 2 004

I kept track of how we ate all the produce from week one, just for my own fun.  Here it is.  We definitely felt like we ran out of produce at the end of the week, but it wasn’t too bad.  Maybe I’ll do another one later this summer when things start to get more challenging!  I wonder if I’ll end up needing to freeze things, or preserve them in another way…


  • arugula eaten plain in car on way home from CSA pickup
  • scallions and arugula in quinoa patties
  • buttercrunch lettuce in a salad with dinner


  • quinoa sautéed with spicy greens & 1 egg for lunch


  • sautéed greens with eggs for lunch
  • sautéed greens with Indian-style lentils for dinner
  • raw radishes as a side with our dinner


  • plain arugula as a snack at my desk


  • broccoli broiled with olive oil for lunch
  • black bean burgers wrapped in big cabbage leaves
  • topped with a tomato (non-CSA) & cilantro salsa


  • shredded carrot & cabbage in fried rice
  • raw carrots & salad turnips, eaten raw as a snack for jamie


  • salad turnip greens chopped up in a tomato & white bean dish
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