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Memorial Day Bike Picnic

June 6, 2011

On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend we went for our first mini-bike-tour.  We packed up Isaac and a picnic lunch, transferred the heavy cargo to Jamie’s bike instead of mine:

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 001

And then set off on the St. Vrain greenway bike trail.  It was awesome – a perfect paved bike trail that goes from almost our front door to Sandstone Ranch Park.

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 009

We crossed many bridges, and went through many tunnels.  Isaac worked himself up into a chanting frenzy at times. “More tunnel! More tunnel! More tunnel!”

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 010

These are lovely shade trees along the St. Vrain river.

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 013

40 minutes later, and no crying, we arrived at Sandstone Ranch.  Isaac enjoyed the playground,

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 033

A gigantic sewer grate that you could yell into to create echos, as well as drop random stuff down:

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 035

My favorite part included the historic home of the the rancher, and especially their patio with lounge chairs overlooking ponds & geese:

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 046

We had a picnic of marinated goat cheese, crackers, green juice (watermelon + celery), and trail mix.

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 048

Oh, another highlight for Isaac was the almost tame family of bunnies.

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 052

They didn’t let him get close enough to touch, but he was so excited by it all anyway:

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 055

Here’s a little bunny tail disappearing below deck right underneath his nose!

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 059

Here’s me, all packed up and ready to head home.  Notice the purple sippy cup in my water bottle cage?

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 061

Isaac is packed up and ready to go home too.  We made the 40 minute ride home pretty easily with only minimal fussing (mostly when there were not enough tunnels for Isaac’s tastes)

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 062

And yet another highlight for Isaac: we got to watch a freight train up close and personal.  There was actually a tunnel that went under the tracks, but the train was so very exciting that we delayed the tunnel in order to take in the giant noisy monster.  Choo choo!

Memorial Day Bike Picnic 067

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  1. GrandPappa DEE permalink
    June 7, 2011 2:13 am

    Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize; purple sippy cup. Where’s the bike bell?

    Peace & Love

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