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I joined a CSA

May 31, 2011

Remember my New Years resolutions? One of them was to eat more locally and seasonally (as inspired by the book Animal Vegetable Miracle).

After experiencing major sticker shock at the Longmont Farmer’s Market, I decided it was better for me (er, mentally…?) to write one big check at the beginning of the summer in exchange for a weekly bag of freshly grown produce. 

I signed up for a CSA with Aspen Moon Farms, which is just a few miles from my house.  I got the first bag of produce today, and will get a new one each Tuesday evening through the end of October.  All for the bargain price of $550 (ouch!).  I don’t think I’ll be realizing any money savings over buying grocery store produce, but I suppose that’s beside the point.

We signed up for the “full” CSA which is supposed to be adequate for 3-4 people.  I don’t think we’ll have a problem eating everything, but I’ll let you know.  CSAs have kind of a reputation for giving you more meager amounts of produce in the spring (greens & radishes) and the fall (a whole bunch of squash), and then loads of stuff during the peak of the summer.  We’ll see.  I’m excited to see how this goes!

So, do you want to see how it all went down? And what I got for my very first produce delivery?

The produce was located inside giant coolers in this old VW Van at the edge of the farm.

iPhone_May 053

It all came bundled in this big plastic bag:

May CSA 001

Laid out on our picnic table:

May CSA 002

Here’s the laundry list:

iPhone_May 055

Radishes, white Japanese turnips, & broccoli

May CSA 004

Mixed spicy greens (mustard, kale, etc)

May CSA 006


May CSA 008

Carrots & lettuce

May CSA 009

Purple scallions

May CSA 010

I am imagining that it’ll be really fun to get this bag of mystery produce and then plan meals for the week to use it all up before we get the next one.  Or will I get sick of trying to keep up?  I don’t think so, but we’ll find out soon!

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  1. GrandPappa DEE permalink
    June 1, 2011 3:33 am

    Raw foods are so good. Looks delicious. Love the VW. Personally, I’d do an experiment with the bag to see how long it takes to degrade!:)

    Peace & Love

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