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Babies & Bubbles

April 12, 2011

My dad’s company, Extreme Bubbles, makes bubbles toys as many of you probably already know.  He’s been into the giant bubbles in the past, but this year he developed his first small bubble product – Captain Bubbles.

We thought it’d be fun to try out with the babies, so he sent us a sample pack of the new bubbles and we tested them out in the back yard last night. 

Isaac had never said “bubble” before but caught on really quickly and started chanting bubble! bubble! bubble!

bubbles 021

The babies loved dipping the wands:

bubbles 026

Look how hard Isaac is trying to blow.  He sort of knows how it is supposed to work but doesn’t quite get it.  He’s mostly spitting here, I think…

bubbles 024

Sylvie was pretty sure that if she made the “funny face” hard enough the bubbles would come out.  She kept trying harder and harder at the funny face but we weren’t able to explain to her about the blowing part.  So cute.

bubbles 030

Both babies put the bubbles wands right up to their lips and got gross tastes of the bubbles which they did not enjoy. 

bubbles 031

And then when the adults had had enough and put the bubbles away the real tears broke out!

bubbles 035

I’m sure we’ll be blowing more bubbles in the future, Isaac is officially obsessed now.  He woke up, saw the bubbles on the counter, and immediately wanted to play with them again. 

PS you can’t buy Captain Bubbles yet but if you want to order some just email me and I’m sure we can figure something out Smile

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  1. SAGirl permalink
    April 13, 2011 1:13 am

    A bubble gun is the answer! Get a bubble gun and chuck the mixture that comes with it and fill the gun with your dad’s bubble mixture and you will have hours of fun with much less parental commitment required! Basically you just need to pull the trigger and ‘Oh and Ah’ at the bubbles! Isaac may even be able to pull the trigger himself depending on the type you get (some are battery operated).

    The only mishap I had with my son and his bubble gun was when he tried to investigate where the bubbles were coming from and got an eyeful of soap!

    Enjoy! Bubbles have such a universal appeal!

  2. GrandPappa DEE permalink
    April 13, 2011 4:23 am

    Babies & Bubbles! Ain’t life grand?

    Peace & Love

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