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Crib Games

March 19, 2011

It is SO much fun to stand in your friends’ crib and jump up and down and scream!shortbread 166

shortbread 188


It is really hard to see what’s going on in this picture, but basically they would lay down in the crib for a second and say “night night” to each other, and then giggle hysterically.  It was adorable.

shortbread 191

Then for awhile I was giving them directions on things to do.  Sort of like “mother may I” but with only the direction-giving part.  They thought it was SO fun.

“Sit down!”

shortbread 195

“Clap your hands!”

shortbread 197

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  1. GrandPappa DEE permalink
    March 20, 2011 4:06 am

    Incredibly adorable.

    Peace & Love

    PS-Don’t know if it would fly on “What Not to Wear” but Isaac seems to pull off the pink and orange combo very well.

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