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Vicious Geese

March 3, 2011

Today we went to the park to feed stale bread to some geese.  Except they were vicious.  See?

feeding geese 023

Menacing head waggle.

feeding geese 025

We fed them some delicious bread anyway.  It was home baked.

feeding geese 045

Isaac got so excited about it all that he threw all this blueberries at the geese, too.

feeding geese 030

So hilarious! The babies were not allowed out of their strollers due to the viciousness of the geese.  They watched from afar. 

feeding geese 036

Oh, and then later some sort of ruffian teenager walked across the whole park and singled me out of about 6 other people to ask if he could borrow my phone…because he needed to call his mom.  I told him no, and then when he tried to give me (ruffian) puppy dog eyes I added that I wouldn’t let him use my phone because I was worried he’d run off with it.  It was pretty awkward. 

feeding geese 050

But I stand by my decision.  In fact, I feel really good about it.

Sylvie was only moderately impressed by the geese.

feeding geese 058

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  1. March 3, 2011 8:32 pm

    Some day you will get a smile out of Sylvie.

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