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Hiking with Minnesotans

January 30, 2011

James and John (aka the Brothers Erck) and their girlfriends visited this weekend.  They came at the perfect time – the weather was gorgeous and summer-like for their entire stay.  Talk about lucky!

On Friday we hiked around at Rabbit Mountain in the 68 & sunny weather.

John, Jess, Kate, James

Rabbit Mtn J&J 046

John  & Jess…see, the layers are already coming off!

Rabbit Mtn J&J 061

Baby I came with us, of course.  He rode in his sporty red stroller for the first half but then demanded to get out and walk. 

Rabbit Mtn J&J 142

Rabbit Mtn J&J 069

He wanted to hold my hand on the treacherous terrain.

Rabbit Mtn J&J 070

James started a game that Isaac loved: Isaac would give James a handful of gravel, James would throw it down so it bounced up & around & everywhere, and Isaac would giggle.  Isaac never got sick of it…then John brought it to the next level and turned it into a game where Isaac brought him rocks and then they’d throw the rocks down the road.

Picking out a good rock:

Rabbit Mtn J&J 100

They took turns throwing the rocks.  This is Isaac’s turn:

Rabbit Mtn J&J 098

Examining rocks to see if they are fit to be thrown down a dirt road:

Rabbit Mtn J&J 084

Isaac is checking in with Uncle John – is this a good one?

Rabbit Mtn J&J 087

John brings it to the next level again by hunting down bigger and bigger rocks.  He wanted to impress Isaac…it worked.

Rabbit Mtn J&J 096

An hour later we were trying to wind down the rock throwing game without much luck…

Rabbit Mtn J&J 103

Finally he had to be physically & forcibly removed from the scene.

Rabbit Mtn J&J 110

John & Jess

Rabbit Mtn J&J 092

Cool cloud

Rabbit Mtn J&J 093Rabbit Mtn J&J 112Rabbit Mtn J&J 114Rabbit Mtn J&J 119

When we strapped him back in his red dune buggy he was NOT  happy.  Jess ran backwards in front of him so he’d have something to look at.   She also handed him little rocks that he continued to throw out of his stroller.  Then we sang songs to him.  He basically demanded the royal treatment to compensate for having to end the rock throwing game!

Rabbit Mtn J&J 130

Rabbit Mtn J&J 131

Disappearing over the hill and towards the mountains

Rabbit Mtn J&J 134

Rabbit Mtn J&J 138

Brothers walking into the sunset!

Rabbit Mtn J&J 137

Rabbit Mtn J&J 139

John, James, and Kate pose again the bluebird sky.

Rabbit Mtn J&J 141

Rabbit Mtn J&J 149

Rabbit Mtn J&J 121

3 Comments leave one →
  1. January 31, 2011 5:24 am

    Beautiful family, beautiful day, beautiful scenery. The rock game reminds me of when you guys were little. We had so much fun.

    Peace & Love

  2. Momma Jen permalink
    February 1, 2011 4:40 pm

    Wow. Beautiful! Everything! Life is good…..I love seeing you all together.

  3. aunt B. permalink
    February 1, 2011 7:25 pm

    Anything is fun when you like who you’re with! I am happy that Isaac is learning from experts which rocks are suitable for heaving down a road!

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