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Hike @ Boulder County Ranch

January 17, 2011

We took advantage of the warmish 40 degree weather yesterday to visit another one of the open space parks in Boulder County yesterday – Boulder County Ranch, in the North Boulder Valley.

Boulder County Ranch 117

The “hike”, which was actually more of a walk on dirt paths while pushing a stroller, started off with some major excitement.  A friendly horse walked right up to us and tried to eat Isaac!

Boulder County Ranch 057

He was definitely looking for a food handout, and Isaac had just eaten a peanut butter sandwich in the car on the way to the park…so the horse wanted to sniff him very thoroughly.   Isaac did NOT approve.  He squealed like a little pig.

Boulder County Ranch 062

I had to throw myself in danger’s way and pet the horse’s cheek to save Isaac.  The horse was so soft and furry with his thick winter coat.  I will be returning to this park again because it was just like a petting zoo, but in a deserted park like setting.  Perfect!!

Boulder County Ranch 068

Next we walked through fields of black cows chewing their cud.

Boulder County Ranch 075

This mama and her black baby stood right next to the path and stared at us.

Boulder County Ranch 088

Isaac got over his fear and started to get really excited at this point.  Here he is pointing to the mama cow and grunting and squealing to make sure we don’t miss it.

Boulder County Ranch 096

Views from the trail.

Boulder County Ranch 099

More cows.

Boulder County Ranch 103

These cows were also looking for a handout.  As soon as I crouched down to take their picture they all came trundling over, motionlessly staring at me.  It sort of reminded me of when we’d stop for water breaks in New Zealand and whole fields of cows would stand there and stare at us

Boulder County Ranch 106

Isaac is making sure no one misses the herd of cows.  He is getting very worked up and excited by this point!

Boulder County Ranch 110

Wildlife spotting through the trees.  Look at his poor little ear being disfigured by his (adorable) hat!

Boulder County Ranch 113

Finally the little blue starfish is set free to walk on his own.

Blue Starfish Walks down the path

He found some snow and was fascinated by it.  Kept staring at it, poking it with his toe, and pointing to it.

Baby pokes at snow pile

Happy boy walks free.

Boulder County Ranch 129

His new favorite thing – being chased!

Boulder County Ranch 135

Jamie likes to set his baby boy up on tall posts like a statue, apparently.Baby sitting on tall post

Trudging up a hill maxes out the baby thigh muscles and so requires assistance.

Boulder County Ranch 202

Happy boy!

Boulder County Ranch 205

3 Comments leave one →
  1. January 17, 2011 11:55 am

    Isaac, “What does the cow say”?

    Peace & Love

    • January 17, 2011 12:05 pm

      So far he only knows what a dog says (panting, with tongue out), and what a kitty says (meow, but pronounced like this: Hhhhhhow.)

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