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Belated New Year’s Party

January 12, 2011

We had planned to celebrate New Year’s Eve with our friends that own the diabetic cat, but havoc was wreaked upon our plans by illness.  They were vomiting all over the place, and we were hacking up our lungs while laying weakly on the floor.  It was a lovely way to ring in the new year.

Belated New Years Party 006

Isaac and Sylvie eye each other’s toys

We decided to make up for it by having a one-week belated celebration.  We had a little dinner party at her house; we each cooked a few dishes and started the evening off at 430pm so the babies could attend.

We started off the celebration with some freshly squeezed Greyhounds.  I was very excited to use my new juicer to make the grapefruit juice – it was delicious!

Fresh squeezed pink grapefruit greyhounds

We had a colorful salad.  I had a tough time taking any pictures of the food, by the way, because it was evening and so fairly dark.  I messed around with the settings on my camera in an attempt to get something decent, but I think I really need to take a photography class so I can actually use my camera correctly.

Belated New Years Party 012

Sylvie (16 months) enjoys sitting properly on chairs like a little lady; it’s adorable.  Isaac grunts and tries to get us to lift him up onto the same chair, probably so he can climb all over it, put his foot on Sylvie’s face, and knock the whole operation over onto the floor. 

Belated New Years Party 010

We also ate a delicious white bean, sausage, and chard soup.

Belated New Years Party 016

Sylvie was very serious during dinner.  I was acting ridiculous, putting a napkin on my head and talking in stupid voices…but she would NOT crack a smile.

Serious baby

I love this one – she is waiting to be served.  Checking out the offerings, and probably deciding what to reject.

Baby waiting to be served

The dessert course was a very delicious Tarte Tatin.   We got to take home the leftovers and I ate them all before I went to bed. 

Belated New Years Party 026

Sylvie agreed to eat when the whipped cream came out. 

Belated New Years Party 027

Isaac spent his time threating to eat this tiny plastic blue alien thingy. 

Belated New Years Party 033

It is almost in his mouth…but not quite. 

Belated New Years Party 034

And by the way, Isaac’s eyes are turning brown!  I am surprised because neither Jamie nor I have brown eyes.  Dad, this must be courtesy of your genes.

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  1. January 12, 2011 1:02 pm

    Maybe 2011 is going to be the year of seriousness for our baby.

  2. January 13, 2011 5:20 am

    Light colored eyes (blue, green, hazel, grey, etc.) are usually considered recessive to dark-colored eyes. But this trait is controlled by at least five different genes!

    The allele coding for light eyes (i.e., lack of melanin in the iris) is recessive to the allele coding for dark eyes (i.e., melanin deposited in the iris). Abbreviate the light eye allele as “b” and the dark-eye allele as “B”–they are different versions of the same gene.

    For a person to have light eyes, s/he must inherit two copies of the b allele (genotype bb). A person needs only one copy of the B gene to have dark (brown) eyes, so can be either BB or Bb.

    It only took one!

    Peace & Love

  3. January 13, 2011 5:41 am

    In an effort to make the above explanation perfectly clear, it’s important to know, I evidently, carry the recessive blond/blue. Reference John Robert.

    Peace & Love

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