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Rabbit Mountain Hike

December 29, 2010

This past weekend we hiked around Rabbit Mountain open space – just north and west of Longmont

Boulder 319

Another sunny day in Colorado!  We wore jackets but had to take them off after the first 10 minutes of walking.

Boulder 321

It is deserty and dry feeling here in the winter

Boulder 323

Isaac napped in the stroller while Jamie got a workout pushing him up and down a mountain.

Boulder 326

Just strollin along

Boulder 335

Picking up some major speed on the downhill!  We’re headed eastward in this picture, I think that’s the town of Berthoud we’re overlooking.

Boulder 338

So sunny we had to wear our sunglasses!  I’m not used to having to do that in the winter.

Boulder 341

Fields of dry grasses sparkling in the sun.

Boulder 344

A couple of riders on horseback!Boulder 349

Isaac takes a walking break; Jamie and I ensure he doesn’t fall over into a cactus or off a cliff.

Boulder 356

Boulder 360

Boulder 363

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