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Rebound: The Desert House

December 27, 2010

The Schoolhouse Farmette is the boyfriend that cruelly dumped us when we were totally in love.  We didn’t see it coming; we were blindsided and devastated.  We drove by his house every day for a week, listening to “our” song on the radio obsessively.  We knew we could never love another house again, and that we’d never find anything as good.  We ate a lot of Ben & Jerry’s.  Our friends told us that we wouldn’t have really been happy there anyways, that something better would come along.  We knew they were lying.

The good news is that we’re currently on the rebound with The Desert House.  We met it this weekend and were surprised when we found ourselves able to actually get excited about it. 

Rabbit Mountain House 001

It’s kind of an Earth Ship, but fancier.  Tara and  Tyler or Taisuke and Brenda, are you reading?  This house would be perfect for you! MOVE TO COLORADO!

Ahem, anyways.  Here’s what it looks like from afar.  It’s all timber siding and windows and it’s built into the side of this steep hill.  If you walk over the hill behind the house you end up in a huge open space park called Rabbit Mountain.  It’s gorgeous – we went on a hike there yesterday and I’ll post the pics tomorrow.   How cool would it be to have that in your backyard?

Desert House

The house is located on 40 acres, which seems excessive.  The 40 acres aren’t really useable though – they’re mostly located on the steep dry hills surrounding the house.  But you know what those 40 acres would be perfect for?  GOATS!

Speaking of livestock, take a look down & to the right of the above photo of the Desert House.  Do you see those blackened posts?  It looks like there used to be a barn on the property that recently burned down.  When we look up the address on Google Maps, in the satellite view, we can see the barn still standing, so it must not have burned down that long ago.

Rabbit Mountain House 012

Look at all those windows!  They’re facing southeast to take in as much sun as possible; inside are two large sunrooms with terra cotta tile floors.

Rabbit Mountain House 015

Rabbit Mountain House 013

We peeked through a window by the front door…

Rabbit Mountain House 031

and saw a square of bare earth beneath the open staircase.  I think this might be for growing an indoor herb garden (??).  How cool is that?!

Rabbit Mountain House 032

Here’s the view from the front yard.  Desert hills, scrubby pines, and reddish rock formations.

Rabbit Mountain House 006

Boulder 379

Here’s the road you take to get to the house; you follow it to the left, curve around those hills in the back, and then you’re in sort of a private canyon with homes dotted amongst the hills.  Everyone’s mailboxes are outside of the canyon along this road – makes it seem really remote.

Boulder 371

In terms of location, it’s just north and east of Lyons…very close to the Lyons Farmette, actually, where I took my cheese making class.  It’s north and west of Longmont – about a 20 minute drive to town.  We think this place is a bit too remote for our tastes, but it was fun to find a place that we thought was so interesting.  We must be starting to get over the Schoolhouse Farmette!

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