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Lagerman Reservoir Hike

December 26, 2010

Christmas afternoon was beautiful, sunny, and 50 degrees!

Christmas 012

We decided to go for a walk around Lagerman Reservoir.  It’s near our dream farmette  (Sad smile), just a little bit farther east.   Apparently there’s great fishing here which seems surprising.  It just looks like a small man made lake.

Christmas 015

There was a thin sheet of ice on the reservoir, and lots of geese.  I keep catching myself wondering why they haven’t flown south yet…but maybe this is as far south as they go?

Christmas 023

Isaac enjoyed exerting his independence by walking around in the exact opposite direction of Jamie and I.

Christmas 025

He agreed to hang out with us for awhile, though, when Jamie helped him walk on some big rocks.

Christmas 035a

Proudly perching on a rock.

Christmas 042

Ice on the lake

Christmas 047

Who, me? Follow YOU?  I don’t think so.

Christmas 049

Jamie decided to catch Isaac, who thought it was hilarious.

Christmas 052

Jamie and I entertained ourselves by throwing rocks into the lake and breaking the thin ice.  Then Isaac decided to copy us.  It was adorable.  In this picture he’s holding his little rock.

Christmas 065

He just threw it…I think it landed about 3 inches in front of him.

Christmas 074

Trying again.  Very serious.

Christmas 076

Loading up with more ammo.

Christmas 078

Trying again.  Only about 10 more feet to go!

Christmas 077

Oh and in case you weren’t totally sure after the triangle block stacking incident, we do indeed have a genius on our hands.  He got some new blocks for Christmas from Grandpa Erck and he immediately impressed us by stacking SIX.  Whoa!

Christmas 087

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  1. December 27, 2010 4:19 am

    “Trying again, loading up with ammo, only 10 more feet to go!” Sound like we need to get together for Isaac’s baseball pitching lessons soon. Remember those? He’ll be just like a machine! Hit the target, or the lake, every time.

    Looks like he had plenty of ammo too. No worries about the famous Forrest Gump line: “Sometimes, I guess there just aren’t enough rocks.”

    “Who, me? Follow YOU? I don’t think so”, is my favorite picture. You captured the essence of Isaac perfectly.

    Send me a picture when the little genius builds his first pyramid.

    Peace & Love

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