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Christmas Eve

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!  We’re going to have cheese fondue for dinner tonight, and then caramel rolls tomorrow morning.  Jamie doesn’t have to work today, so we are just hanging out by the Christmas tree and listening to one of the Christmas CDs Dad sent to us.

We decided to let Isaac open one of his Christmas gifts this morning to spread out the excitement – we chose the one from Great Grandma Hansen which said “open anytime”. 

It was a little cow and a little pig.  So cute!! Of course we absolutely love these because they are farm related Smile

Chistmas Eve 001

He has enjoyed putting them into various containers around the house, along with the tissue paper they were packed in.

I cut an “X” in the lid of this oatmeal container – it is very good for stuffing things into now.  Like tissue paper.  Isaac worked very hard to stuff all the tissue paper into the X.

Christmas Eve 008

We he gets it all stuffed in there he turns and looks at me and says “Da!!”  That’s what he says now when he as accomplished something.

Christmas Eve 010

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