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Birthday Party for Precious

December 13, 2010

On the last night of Emily’s visit, we celebrated Stephen’s birthday!  We had quite a smorgasbord:

Steaks, broccoli and garlic salad, a 2nd salad of bitter greens with homemade sweet mustard dressing, and baked potatoes. 

Bday & Dressing 014

In this picture you can see that I am trying to entice the Welles to put on their party hats.  My inspiration pep talk was a flop.

Bday & Dressing 003

Stephen opened his gifts.

Bday & Dressing 004

Here he  models some new biking gear he got from Jamie.  We think this pink face mask makes him look like a serial killer.  How lovely!

Bday & Dressing 007

For dessert we picked out four tasty options from  the Whole Foods bakery.  Vanilla cupcake, chocolate pot de crème, carrot cake, and crème brulee.  Stephen picked the carrot cake, but was forced to blow out all four candles.

Bday & Dressing 016

Happy birthday Stephen!

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  1. December 14, 2010 12:11 am

    Happy Birthday Stephen. New biking gear, how nice! That mug shot would be a hit on America’s Most Wanted, or hanging in the local Post Office. Sarah, I think you look very cute with your party hat. Others=> Party Poopers!

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