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Visit to Colorado Springs

December 9, 2010

Jamie’s sister Emily has been visiting us for the past few days. She was in town to interview for residency programs in Denver and Colorado Springs.  Isaac and I went with her to visit Colorado Springs.   We stayed overnight in a hotel, and then got up and explored the city the next day during her interview.

The highlight was Garden of the Gods.  Beautiful and weird red rock formations, just outside of the city.  And it’s free!

co springs 046

co springs 048 

co springs 051

We drove around the park at a leisurely pace, enjoying the views and sun. 

co springs 054

We got out to explore in a few different places.  We took lots of self-portraits, as you can see.

co springs 055

We stopped at the visitor center, which was actually a gigantic gift shop.  Isaac went crazy ferrying the large selection of stuffed animals back and forth to different shelves, while I followed behind straightening things back up.  That was the highlight of the day for him, btw.

co springs 059

Then we walked the complete trail that went through the main garden area.  Isaac did really well, but got tired and cranky at the end of the walk.

co springs 062

We had joined a free nature tour through the park that was starting to get pretty boring, so it was a good excuse to power walk out of there!

co springs 065

co springs 068

co springs 072

co springs 074

Earlier in the day, during Isaac’s morning nap, I was looking for somewhere to drive around so he would continue to sleep for as long as possible.

co springs 013

I decided to drive up Pikes Peak, which is over 14,000 ft!  Here’s the sign you see as you begin the drive up.  You must use 2nd gear, you must have at least 1/2 tank of gas, no infants under 4 months old.  Seemed pretty intense!

co springs 018

It was cold, windy, and cloudy on the way up.

co springs 024

And snowy.

co springs 026

Then the road turned to gravel!  I was all alone – didn’t see another soul the entire time.

co springs 027

The roads were so steep and curvy that I had to be in 2nd gear the whole time – the sign wasn’t exaggerating.   At around this point (11,000 ft) it started to feel too much like a blizzard for my comfort.

co springs 029

So we turned around and headed back down.  No peak of Pike’s Peak for me!

co springs 036

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