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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2010

We had a fun thanksgiving this year.  Well, it was fun until dinnertime…it seems we have a Thanksgiving hater in our midst.

We cooked the pie, put the turkey in the oven, and then went for a walk to enjoy the cold sunny day.  Isaac wore his snowsuit and was completely immobilized.  He looked very stiff:

Thanksgiving 004

Thanksgiving 008

On the way home he started to fall asleep, but we did not want to let this happen until we reached home! Jamie resorted to carrying him like a sack of potatoes.

Thanksgiving 015

But he slowly wilted back to sleep…

Thanksgiving 018

Later in the afternoon he happily chomped on dominoes, which is the last thing he would happily chomp on for the day (this is foreshadowing)

Thanksgiving 029

I think he looks like Jamie’s baby pictures in this one:

Thanksgiving 036

On to the main event.  Something went wrong with our camera and we didn’t get any clear pictures, but first Isaac was strapped into his high chair wearing his special Thanksgiving bib: Gobble gobble till you wobble.

thanksgiving dinner

Blurry picture of Isaac taking a few bites of mashed potatoes.

Thanksgiving 052

And then one minute later, the below meltdown occurred.  He didn’t want to sit in the chair anymore, and even pumpkin pie would not change his mind.  You can see some pie smeared across his cheek which got there as I attempted to force him to taste it so he would calm down and realize how much he actually wanted to stay at the thanksgiving table. Fail!

Thanksgiving 058

Thanksgiving 063

Thanksgiving 064

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