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Raw Flax Crackers

November 3, 2010

This is another installment in Sarah’s dehydration experiments.  So, as I mentioned in my earlier post about raw vegetable crackers, I found some new information about how to most appropriately use soaked flax seeds in raw crackers. 

Here’s what you need to do: soak whole flax seeds in water, overnight, in order to get them to create their ooze.  Then use that ooze to bind together your raw cracker batter, spread it very thinly, and create wonderful crispy crackers!  I think I may have taken this too far…  I’ll leave it to you to decide.

So, first I took 1 c. of flax seeds, soaked them overnight, and watched them expand into 3 c. of very gelatinous flax seeds.  I portioned them out into three bowls (1 c. each) so I could try different flavorings. 

Moss Jersey & Crackers 012

Now keep in mind – I am making pure flax seed crackers – no other ingredients, just delicious crispy flax seeds & some seasonings.  People online said this would be great.  I agreed! I went for it!

I seasoned the first bowl with mustard and my favorite seasoning blend “21 seasonings salute” from Trader Joe’s.

Moss Jersey & Crackers 014

Next was garlic powder.

Moss Jersey & Crackers 015

Finally was plain salt & pepper.

Moss Jersey & Crackers 016 

I spread each seasoned bowl of soaked flax seeds onto a dehydrator tray.

Moss Jersey & Crackers 017

…and used a rubber spatula to spread them verrrrry thinly.  I’m a pro!  Look how thin!

Moss Jersey & Crackers 019

I dehydrated them at 115 until they were nice and crispy (8 hours or so?), and then broke them up into cracker-like shards.  Pretty!

raw crackers 003

Now here’s my opinion on the final result: they were SO very thin, held together just by the threads of dehydrated flax seed ooze, that they were incredibly delicate.  And they didn’t taste like much either; mostly like salty (+ whatever seasoning I used) flax seeds that dissolved a little bit in your mouth. 

See how thin???  This is a real picture of what the crackers looked like when I held them up to the light!

raw crackers 004

They were essentially one-seed-thick crackers, and were definitely not sturdy enough to dip into anything.  They were also too delicate to survive being put into a ziploc bag in the pantry for a few days; they would have dissolved right back to their original state (aka individual flax seeds).

I’m not sure if I was wrong to spread them so thinly, or if I just don’t like raw crackers that consist of ONLY flax seeds.  The experiments must continue…!

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