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The Birthday Party

October 10, 2010

It has taken me forever to get these pictures organized and posted, but here they are – Isaac’s first birthday party!

Isaac's First Birthday 616

Mom was here for the party, and then Uncle Precious (aka Stephen) attended as well.

Isaac's First Birthday 613 

I made beef stew and garlic mashed potatoes for the birthday meal, per Jamie’s request.

Isaac's First Birthday 622

Isaac really enjoyed the mashed potatoes and gravy.

Isaac's First Birthday 618 

See, there it is on his face!

Isaac's First Birthday 631

We baked him a birthday cake, of course.  Funfetti flavor!

We sang Happy Birthday to him:  here’s the video.

Then we served him his cake.

Isaac's First Birthday 644

He was mostly interested in the paper plate it was served on…

Isaac's First Birthday 645

He dumped the cake off the plate to take a closer look.   Then later he casually tossed the cake onto the floor.  Luckily my cat like reflexes were in full effect and I caught the cake before it hit the floor!!!  I am STILL very impressed with myself for that one.

Isaac's First Birthday 647

He preferred to eat the ice cream cone Uncle Stephen brought him from McDonald’s

Isaac's First Birthday 737

After cake we moved on to opening presents.  We came close to a melt-down because it was getting a little too close to bedtime for comfort…

Isaac's First Birthday 655

But then we made a full recovery when the full excitement of ripping paper was realized.

Isaac's First Birthday 658

Actually, before paper ripping we took some time to load & unload gifts from the box.  That’s a very highly rated activity around here these days.

Isaac's First Birthday 665 

Isaac got this sing-along Elmo from Grandma.  We went shopping for a gift the day before his birthday, let him roam free in the toy aisle, and this is what he came back to over and over.  It has lots of little buttons you can push (he loves that, of course) and music plays when you push the buttons which you can dance along to.  Fun times!

Isaac's First Birthday 671

Great Grandma got us the Poky Little Puppy book, and a matching puppy that plays a lullaby.

Isaac's First Birthday 681

Grandma & Grandpa Welle + Aunt Emily got Isaac this cute little tricycle.  The beauty of this gift is that it’s a bike with pedals, BUT the pedals can be locked, a baby can be strapped in with a seatbelt & taken for walks without having to know how to pedal!

Isaac's First Birthday 696

Another hilarious present we received was a Battle Hamster from Aunt Beverly.  Isaac sat on the living room floor and watched in awe as the crazy hamster twirled and giggled around the room.

 Isaac's First Birthday 755

If it ran under wrapping paper, he would lift the paper up off it quickly so he could continue to watch it scamper around the room.  Hilarious!

Isaac's First Birthday 757

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