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Carolina Girl visits the Rockies

October 7, 2010

Mom spent the weekend with us to help celebrate Isaac’s birthday.  We had so much fun – three days went by really really fast.

Rocky Mtn with Mom 052 

Rocky Mtn with Mom 075

One of the highlights was our visit to Rocky Mountain National Park.  It’s only an hour drive from our house and luckily it is the perfect time of year to drive up the highest continuous paved road in the United States and visit the Alpine Ranger Station at 12,500 ft.   It was beautiful!!

Here’s a view of the Rockies from our car window during the drive up.  Isaac was nice enough to take a nap during this part. 

Rocky Mtn with Mom 014

More views from the car…

Rocky Mtn with Mom 015

It was dry – lots of yellow grasses; the trees became sparse as we climbed higher and higher.

Rocky Mtn with Mom 017

Check out that beautiful road!  Jamie has his eye on a bicycle tour through here next year…

Rocky Mtn with Mom 024

Here we are at our destination – the Alpine Ranger Station.  Isaac did his best to pose for a picture in front of the fake-looking backdrop of the 14,000 ft peaks!

Rocky Mtn with Mom 065

Mom & Isaac grit their teeth against the cold and wind to smile for the camera.

Rocky Mtn with Mom 071

Here – now you can see what it was really like up there.  Super windy, super cold!  Mom’s North Carolina blood did not approve.

Rocky Mtn with Mom 078

After our photo shoot we turned around and drove back down.  Jamie continued to drool over day dreamed visions of himself bicycling these roads. 

Rocky Mtn with Mom 092

He is mentally glossing over one little detail, though, that I am now old & wise enough to recognize.  This road climbs vicious hills at 12,000 ft elevation.  That is HIGH.  Here’s how high: when we got out of the car at the ranger station, we all felt light headed and dizzy.  We were literally stumbling into each other as we attempted to walk across the parking lot!  It felt like our legs were numb & heavy, and our heads were detached from our bodies. 

Rocky Mtn with Mom 095

I’d rather enjoy the views from a car.  Jamie and Stephen can go ahead and knock themselves out (literally), though!  Stephen, did you know about this?  Get ready!!!!

Rocky Mtn with Mom 094 

We stopped a few miles down the mountains at another view point.  Still cold and windy.  Isaac had some sort of crazy idea that he didn’t want to wear his hat!

Rocky Mtn with Mom 103

I disabused him of that notion.

Rocky Mtn with Mom 105 

We ate apples while enjoying the views.

Rocky Mtn with Mom 138

Rocky Mtn with Mom 116

Isaac crawled around (in his hat) and was happy & cute.

Rocky Mtn with Mom 143

We tried to prop him up on a rock ledge to get a solo picture of him, but he wouldn’t look at the camera.  He’s looking down at the arms that are propping him up and laughing about it, instead…

Rocky Mtn with Mom 151

Then he came up with a brilliant idea – walk along the precarious rock ledge!

Rocky Mtn with Mom 166

He is a daring mountain goat boy, obviously…

Rocky Mtn with Mom 169

Then he continued to walk down the path, back towards the car.

Rocky Mtn with Mom 190

As gleeful as can be!  I have never seen him so excited!

Rocky Mtn with Mom 194

More posing, more scenery!   Every where you looked it was SO beautiful!

Rocky Mtn with Mom 202

We drove father down the mountain to where the trees reappeared and went for a walk amongst the cedars & aspens.

Rocky Mtn with Mom 215

Sitting on a rock, eating our picnic lunch.

Rocky Mtn with Mom 216

We enjoyed the sun and warm temperatures at this elevation.  Much more pleasant to hang out here.

Rocky Mtn with Mom 223

The trees are starting to change color…

Rocky Mtn with Mom 229

And the Elk are out and about!  There were traffic jams all over the place, and crazy tourists getting 10 ft away from wild bull Elk.  Jamie was, once again, dreaming of scenarios where naughty tourists are punished for their actions…

Rocky Mtn with Mom 236

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  1. October 8, 2010 4:39 am

    Your “Rare Air” story reminds me of my first ski trip to Vail when I was 16. Drove nonstop, arrived early morning, rode the gondola to the top at 11,570 feet. Bent over to secure skis, stood up, and passed out! Lying in the snow recovering, I could hear the locals; “Low Lander”.

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