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Farm Visit

September 26, 2010

We visited Sunflower Farm last weekend.  It’s a beautiful 20 acre farm on the south side of Longmont. 

Farm Trip 021

And of course, it is full of animals.  Here is a Guinea Hen – weird looking but kind of cute.  People keep these for bug control, and also for their small eggs.  They will walk through your garden and pick out only the tasty bugs to eat, leaving your plants alone!  That sounds nice, actually, after dealing with our chickens who were always lurking around waiting for an opportunity to break into the garden and denude my plants!

Farm Trip 001

The bad thing about Guinea fowl is that they can be very loud, and have a reputation for being really stupid.  By stupid, I think people mean that it can be hard to get them to sleep where you want them to sleep, lay eggs where you want them to lay eggs, stuff like that.  Oh, and apparently they also love to look at themselves in mirrors.  So anyways, enough about Guinea fowl.

Sunflower Farm had lots of chickens – the cute little banty size, as well as regular

Farm Trip 011

We took a break to hang out in a hammock under a big shade tree.  So fun!

Farm Trip 057

We enjoyed the blue skies and beautiful scenery.

Farm Trip 059

Then we got back to the animals.  Here’s one of the goat pens.  You could feed them corn.

Farm Trip 005

We tried to get Isaac interested…

Farm Trip 007

He was more interested in climbing on the fence and leaning waaaay over.  He barely noticed the goat!

Farm Trip 008  

This looks like a nice place to sit!

Farm Trip 063

But Isaac had other ideas.  Such as attempting to crawl under this fence into the horse paddock.  Look how he is hunkering down, in preparation for scooting under the gate.

Farm Trip 030

He was very upset when Jamie stopped him!

Farm Trip 031   

We walked along a path that followed the edge of a sunflower rimmed alfalfa field…

Farm Trip 070

…making many stops along the way to feel the sunflowers.

Farm Trip 079

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Andrea permalink
    September 26, 2010 1:48 pm

    I like the one of you and Isaac in the hammock and the last one of Jamie and Isaac 🙂

  2. September 27, 2010 5:13 am

    Sunflower Farm, very peaceful. The actual name is “Sun-Follower”, remember?
    Peace & Love

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