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Apple Harvest

September 13, 2010

I made something with my harvest of 25 apples this weekend!  I decided to attempt Apple Butter.

Apple Harvest

First I chopped the apples into quarters, removing any wormy parts but leaving the core & peel.   That’s where most of the pectin is, which helps thicken the apple butter. 

Oh and in case you were wondering how the wormy parts went for me, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.  But it was still pretty gross.  I only saw one actual worm, but it wasn’t very energetic and it might have even been dead.  Maybe the refrigerator made it lethargic.  But in most of the apples, there was a visible worm entry point, and then the worm made a beeline into the core of the apple where he turned it all black and hard.  And that’s all I could tell about what was going on in there.  So I just cut out the hard black cores, along with the worm entry point, and the rest of the apple was fine.  I was more expecting there to be maze-like pathways throughout the apple with lots of live wriggling worms all over the place.  Whew!

Cooking Apple Butter

So, first I cooked the apple quarters with sugar, cinnamon, and a little water.  Then I squeezed in some lime juice for tartness.  The recipes online had called for either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, which I didn’t have on hand, so I subbed in the limes.   I think apple-lime butter sounds delicious, though, don’t you?  It is.

Apple Butter through Sieve

After the apples had cooked down into mush, I let them cool and then pushed them through a strainer to remove the peels, seeds, and core bits.  This was supposed to create a very smooth butter final product.  Here it is:

Apple Butter 010

I thought it seemed a little too close to apple sauce for my liking, so I decided to put it through the VitaMix.  The Darth Vader of appliances, as my cousin likes to call it.

Apple Butter 013

And let me tell you, THAT was the key to making delicious apple butter.  After a quick spin in the VitaMix, the apple butter was transformed into a silky, caramel-y butter. 

Apple Butter 014

I had enough for four jars.

Apple Butter 031

Maybe if you are very lucky, you will get one for Christmas! 🙂

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