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Baby’s First Forest Fire

September 9, 2010

And mommy & daddy’s first forest fire, too!  I’ve been getting lots of emails about how we’re doing in this big Boulder Forest Fire so I thought I’d post an update on it.

First off, we’re fine.  Here’s a map of where the forest fire is, and where we are.

Map of Boulder Forest Fire

We’re about 11 miles NE of Boulder, and 12 miles East of the mountains so we’re in a good safe place.

On Monday we were headed to the Boulder Fair in the afternoon, but this is what we saw as we headed towards the mountains.

Boulder Forest Fire 1

Choking thick smoke with ominous glowing orange in the middle.  We listened to the emergency radio reports, and decided to turn around and head home rather than hang out at the fair in thick smoke.

Boulder Forest Fire 2

On Tuesday it was noticeably smoky at our house in Longmont, but since then the winds must have changed because everything seems back to normal here, even though the fires are still totally out of control.

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