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Loveland Day Trip

September 8, 2010

On Sunday we drove up to Loveland to check out the city and to shop at their farmer’s market.  Unfortunately the farmer’s market was a bit of a disappointment – there were literally only 2 vendors.

We cut our loses by moving on and exploring the cool playground.

There was a water park for little kids!  Isaac explored:

Plum Preserves 027

He inspected a fountain that had ceased its spouting.

Plum Preserves 028

And then paused. I thought for sure he was going to get blasted.

Plum Preserves 031

He crawled on, right into the middle of a circle of fountains.  Then they all exploded at once with cold water.  Isaac did not like this.  I had to rescue him.

Plum Preserves 041

Sad wet baby.

Plum Preserves 045

We tried to interest him in the water again, but he was too busy clinging to me like a leech to pay any attention.

Plum Preserves 049

Then daddy tried to reinvigorate him

Plum Preserves 079

He plugged the fountain! Hilarious!!

Plum Preserves 076

There was also a paved entry into a creek that ran through the park.  We waded in a little bit – cold!

Plum Preserves 093           

And then Isaac pet a nice doggie.   This was his favorite part of the outing:

Plum Preserves 098

The End. Tomorrow I will have the jam making post ready!

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  1. September 8, 2010 12:10 pm

    Love his reaction…funny the things that bug them!

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