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Fargo Fair

July 14, 2010

We went to the Red River Valley Fair yesterday. 


Red River Fair 200

I asked this guy to harass Jamie and Emily so I could capture the moment.  hehe.

Red River Valley Fair

We gorged on deep fried foods: cheese curds, mini donuts, and corn dog.  And lemonade.  Emily tried to show Isaac how to drink from the straw.  He didn’t get it.

Red River Fair 108

Then she told him that if he couldn’t drink from a straw he was too much of a baby to get any lemonade.  Poor guy.

Red River Fair 111

Red River Fair 114

Now for the highlight of the fair.  There was a petting zoo!  You could buy carrots to feed the animals! They had a ZEBRA!!

That’s my hand.

Red River Fair 166

I was VERY excited.

Red River Fair 165

I’m not sure who that girl is in all my pictures, but she obviously thinks I’m crazy. 

Isaac really wasn’t very impressed by the petting zoo.  Here’s what he was doing while I was running wild feeding every single animal at the zoo.

Red River Fair 145

Then I fed a camel.

Red River Fair 147

Then I fed a donkey.

Red River Fair 188

Then I fed some deer.  Isaac is still uninterested.  I’m not sure if he’s really my kid if he doesn’t love petting zoos!!

Red River Fair 180

Jamie pointed out that my behavior at the petting zoo reminded him of the Mr. Whippy incident in a campground in New Zealand.  You know, where I ran as fast as I could to the ice cream truck to beat out all the little kids…

Red River Fair 143

Then we took a picture of Jamie and Isaac in a giant John Deer tractor tire. 

Red River Fair 217

Family Farming Equipment Portrait

Red River Fair 210

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  1. GrandPapa DEE permalink
    July 16, 2010 2:23 am

    A mini Minnesota State Fair, how fun!

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