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Happy 4th of July

July 5, 2010

We had a fun and relaxing day for Isaac’s first Fourth of July.  We spent the perfect 80 degree afternoon at a free concert in the park in Longmont – our future city of residence.  We kept looking at each other and saying:  This town is so cute!  This is so fun!  I love it here!

The park was full of families sitting on blankets having picnics, playing cards, kids were running around playing catch, retirees were having outdoor potlucks and handing out mini American flags.   The band was actually an orchestra, playing a mixture of classics and things like the James Bond theme song.   For the finale they played the 1812 Overture complete with real cannons firing!  It was so fun.

Isaac started the day off right with “an American flag to chew on” which he received from a nice man:

4th of July 001

Also, note his new sunhat.  This one’s brim is a little more under control so he is able to actually sit in a stroller while wearing it.  You could probably really only sit comfortably on a stool in the other hat due to the extremely large brim!

View of all the people in the park.  It actually didn’t feel very crowded when we were sitting on our blanket, but it sure looks crowded in this picture.

4th of July 002

We tried to get Isaac to hold the flag and pose for a cute picture. 

4th of July 031

He would much rather eat woodchips.  In fact we experienced a lot of screaming and unpleasant crying when we repeatedly thwarted his attempts to eat the woodchips.  He didn’t think that was very patriotic, apparently.

4th of July 008

I fed him Cheerios.  He was in Baby Bird mode again.  He would crawl past me and open his mouth as he passed to accept a single Cheerio.  Then he was on his merry way again.

4th of July 014

He’s so advanced that he picked up a peach and sucked on the juicy part.  What a young genius!

4th of July 029

We didn’t watch fireworks due to baby bedtime, but we did have Jamie’s brother over for dinner.   And then I went to bed at like 10pm which is pretty late for me!

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