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Pilates 5 Month Case Study

July 2, 2010

OK guys, I am SO excited – my 5 month Pilates case study starts on Monday!  I can’t believe my good luck that I met a new friend in Boulder who happens to be in a year long Pilates instructor training course, and she happens to need to find a person to do a 5 month long “case study” on, and she happened to pick me!!! 

Jeanne will give me (free!) private Pilates lessons for five months, and the goal is for us to have created some positive changes in me by the end of the case study.   I think we’ll probably talk about the goals and all that stuff when we officially kick this off on Monday, so I will tell you more about it then.  Maybe I will even keep a journal of the whole experience on this blog.   Maybe?   I would have to try to make it so that it wasn’t a lot of whining about how weak and sore I am, etc, etc.

Oh, I know!!  Wouldn’t it be fun if this guy make a reappearance: the delightful person who made a comment on this blog post at about how I all I do is “Whinge Whinge Whinge” because I was in the depths of bitterness when I had heat rash during the SE Asia portion of our bicycle tour and Jamie didn’t!

I want to do before and after pics but I am way too shy to post them publicly, so forget about that.   You will have to come visit me in person sometime after December to see my brand new 6pack 🙂

I’m planning to do 3 Pilates lessons per week.  I went out and bought some fancy Pilates clothes from Lululemon the other day.  I almost died when I saw how expensive they were, but since I’m getting $1000s of dollars worth of free Pilates I figure it will work out Ok in the end.  I’m so excited to start!!

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