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New Farmette: in progress

June 23, 2010

OK so by now you all know that we love love love it here in Colorado.

We have officially signed a one year lease for a little home in the historic downtown area of Longmont. 

During the next year we will  start to slowly shop around for property to buy.  How exciting!  We are considering two possibilities:

1. An older home (like early 1900s) that we can fix up in historic downtown Longmont.

2. A small farmette with 2-5 acres in the rural area around Longmont/N. of Boulder.

We’re most excited about the farmette possibility.  We miss having our chickens, are interested in raising goats, Jamie keeps talking about some crazy idea he has to raise Great Danes (which I strongly VETO).  We just need to start looking around to see what we can afford and whether or not it will work for us in the end.

This weekend we got to look at two little farms in the Longmont area.  It was so fun and we got so excited about the possibilities!  This farm was the most exciting.  It’s on almost 2 acres, surrounded by open space that can’t be developed, and has a view of a little lake.

Aerial view:


Super aerial view.  Talk about beautiful!


Circled our farmette, in case you missed it!


Lots of properties around here come with Loafing Sheds; I had to look up what a Loafing Shed is:

Also known as 3-sided enclosures, these barns have one or more stalls side by side, most often with wall sheeting on three sides.

A loafing shed is an important outbuilding for any farm. It provides animals such as horses shelter from harsh elements such as snow, wind, rain, and sun.

Here’s ours:


The house itself was not nearly as exciting as the land.  It was built in the 50s, was made of cinder blocks, had extensive water damage, seemed to be in general disrepair, etc.  It looked like a LOT of work to rehab, and considering the overall price tag for this little farmette I’m not sure we want to sign up for this.


But still – it’s fun to daydream! We’re going to keep checking places out over the course of the year to learn more about what’s available.  Hopefully we’ll be back on a (real) farmette in a year or so.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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