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Babysitter at the Farmette

June 18, 2010

I’m so excited – yesterday I hired Isaac’s first real babysitter!  She’s a 15 year old girl named Natalie  who lives in our neighborhood; we met her as she was walking around handing out flyers advertising her babysitting services.

I had her come to our house from 1-4pm yesterday afternoon.  My plan is to have her come (at least) once a week while I leave the house and go to a coffee shop to work on the start-up my brothers and I are creating.

Her mom showed up with her at 1pm, so they both came in and we chatted for a bit.  The mom wanted to meet us, and also to let us know that this was Natalie’s first babysitting job.  She offered to stay with Natalie for awhile, but I told her that I’d hang out for the first hour to show Natalie around, make sure Isaac was going to do OK with her (IE not scream his head off the whole time), etc.  Meanwhile Natalie kept repeating, “OK Mom you can go now!!”  haha.

So for the first hour, Natalie and I sat in the kitchen and fed Isaac some pureed squash for lunch.  I told her that he likes to go for walks, crawl around onthe floor and inspect things, and that she would be able to tell he was ready for a nap when he became crabby and cried about everything, probably around 3pm.  I showed her how to make a bottle, and then told her to feed him a bottle in his nursery and pray he fell asleep while drinking!  And then if that didn’t work she could always take him for a walk in the stroller.  Or let him crawl around in the grass in the backyard.  Or call me if she didn’t know what to do.

Then we sat in one of the carpeted bedrooms and let Isaac crawl around and play with toys.  He was absolutely fascinated by her – he wanted to touch her face, her hair, her braces.  Every toy that she picked up and shook made him laugh and squeal with glee.  He’d crawl as fast as he possibly could across the room to her to get the toy.  Then he’d sit there and stare at her, smiling and giggling.  He was so excited by everything she did, he loved her SO much, it was adorable.

I went to the coffee shop after the first hour was over because they were doing so well together.  When I got home, Natalie and Isaac were sitting in the backyard together as happy as could be!  She told me they took a walk around the neighborhood, then she fed him a bottle but he didn’t fall asleep, and then they played on the floor & in the backyard.   I think Isaac loved having the undivided attention of a new person and I can’t wait to have her come back again!

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  1. Andrea permalink
    June 19, 2010 5:49 am

    Glad to hear it went so well! I want to hear more about this start-up company…

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