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High Plains Trail

May 26, 2010

Yesterday afternoon we drove a few miles south of Boulder to try out one of the trails through the open space that surrounds the city.  We ended up at the High Plains Trail, which wound through gently rolling grassy hills with beautiful views of the Flatirons to the west.  I thought it was just as beautiful as actually being IN the mountains.

Prairie Hike 010

Isaac settles in for the hike with his sunhat.

Prairie Hike 005

Stephen and Greta get a running start

Prairie Hike 009 

Setting off through the plains.  We love to talk about stuff like “what if we were on the Oregon Trail, and we were heading towards these mountains and knew we had to cross them?! Yikes!!!”

Prairie Hike 013

I made Jamie take a pic of me

Prairie Hike 021

Aw, look how happy they are!

Prairie Hike 038

I got left in the dust because I was too busy taking pictures of flowers and (attempting) to take pictures of birds

Prairie Hike 043

Oh, and a few pictures of myself of course!

Prairie Hike 047

Pretty purple wildflowers.  The plants here are so different from the ones in Seattle – I don’t know what any of them are yet

Prairie Hike 054

I like this one.

Prairie Hike 055

Trekking across the high plains

Prairie Hike 062

Greta and Stephen would run off ahead (they have way more energy than the rest of us).  But then Greta would realize she’d been separated from her pack and she’d come charging back to us, dragging Stephen along behind her

Prairie Hike 067

Isaac usually gets sleepy on hikes and snoozes for the second half.  In the Baby Bjorn he had a sleeping method down pat – his chin would rest on the front of the pack, balancing his head upright, and it looked like he could sleep very comfortably.  In this new backpack though, he has a hard time finding a good position.  The ride looks much more bouncy up there on Jamie’s back, and his poor little head was flopping around.  It did not look cozy at all.  I am going to try to make him a little travel pillow to attach to the backpack so he has a nice place to rest his head.

Prairie Hike 072

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  1. May 26, 2010 5:43 pm

    Your photos are incredible!

    The trail looks awesome. I hiked a really grassy trail similar to this up in Vermont with beautiful views of the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain. I felt like I was in heaven!

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