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Rocky Mountain National Park

May 23, 2010

Yesterday Jamie, Stephen, Isaac, and I drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park.  The drive was OK but not great…Isaac cried a lot of the way, and then finally fell asleep just as we arrived in the park.  Nice. 

We let him sleep for a little bit but then decided to wake him up and try to quickly transfer him into the baby bjorn so we could do a short hike.  We asked a park ranger for a recommendation on a shortish hike we could do with a baby, and he recommended Sprague Lake.

It was pretty, but didn’t feel like a hike at all.  It was literally a wheelchair accessible boardwalk that went around the small lake. 

Here are our pics.  All of the park is at 7,500 ft or higher, so even though it was 80-something in Boulder it was much cooler up in the mountains. 

Rocky Mtn Ntl Park 002

That’s a guy fly fishing in the background.

Rocky Mtn Ntl Park 005

 Rocky Mtn Ntl Park 010

Rocky Mtn Ntl Park 012

Rocky Mtn Ntl Park 028

Stephen attempted to take many pictures of Jamie and I, but Jamie is practically incapable of posing for a picture.  He is either grimacing, talking, or has his eyes closed in every single picture.  This is the best one:

Rocky Mtn Ntl Park 045 

Rocky Mtn Ntl Park 061

Jamie became obsessed with whether or not these sticks had been gnawed by beavers.  

Rocky Mtn Ntl Park 075

Here’s a moment reminiscent of our hike in Abel Tasman park.  Jamie has officially been beaten by the trail here.  He was practically begging us to leave him here.

Rocky Mtn Ntl Park 089 

Here I am being a good mother and protecting my poor baby’s eyes from the UV light at high elevations.

Rocky Mtn Ntl Park 092

He was very patient with wearing the glasses, it was so cute.

 Rocky Mtn Ntl Park 097

Tired baby.

Rocky Mtn Ntl Park 100

Rocky Mtn Ntl Park 103

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  1. Susan permalink
    May 26, 2010 2:44 am

    Does Isaac enjoy hiking? It’s so awesome that you guys hike with your baby! Rocky Mountain NP looks incredible. I’m sure you guys will be spending a TON of time there. Does Greta like to hike too?

    • May 26, 2010 5:08 am

      Isaac does enjoy hiking…usually. It seems like if we hang out at home or in the same place for too long he gets bored & cranky, so walking around with new sights to see all the time is one of the things he loves to do. We’re getting nervous for when he can move around on his own because we think he is not going to want to be carried anymore and will want to walk on his own. Which means we’d be hiking at .0005 miles per hour.

      Greta loves hiking too. She loves going on walks, and she especially loves when we hike places that are more deserted. She gets really nervous when there are lots of people around, so we try not to bring her to crowded trails. Out in the middle of nowhere, though, she is in heaven!

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