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More Weekend Hiking

May 18, 2010

Jamie and Stephen brought Zach to the airport on Sunday morning, and then we went on another short hike in the afternoon.  We haven’t done any major hikes but we have been having so much fun doing short jaunts around Boulder.

For this one we drove up Sunshine Canyon to Bald Head Mountain’s 1 mile scenic loop trail.  The summit of Bald Head is 7,160ft and the hike was super easy and pretty.   Looking SE we could see all the way to Denver, and then to the west we could see the snow covered “real” mountains. 

Also, check out the wildlife warnings!  I kept my eagle eye out, but didn’t spot a cougar.  

Boulder Weekend 001

Vista from the summit.  I think we gained about 200 ft in elevation to get up here.  Not really a hike, but still – it was pretty!

Boulder Weekend 002

Boulder Weekend 007

And of course, Greta came along. 

Boulder Weekend 008

After our hike we stopped for our new Boulder tradition – Sunday ice cream party.  Isaac even got his own order – a tiny bowl of vanilla!

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