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Eating Practice

May 18, 2010

Isaac is still working on eating without totally losing his composure.  We are definitely making progress.   Here are some things that have helped:

  • Grandma Mary sent Isaac a whole box of eating paraphernalia.  Little bowls that suction onto the high chair tray, plastic spoons that you can’t choke yourself on or poke your eye out with (unless serious effort is taken to do so),  a few different types of sippy cups, and bibs with a catch-all pocket at the bottom!  Isaac officially gets more mail (and more exciting mail) that we do.
  • I got some whole grain instant baby cereal that I’ve started to mix in with pureed baby food to make it thicker and easier to keep on the spoon.  We tried rice cereal before but that made him constipated! Poor guy.
  • I use two spoons.  That was a good tip.  He usually takes a few bites before he wants to hold onto the spoon himself.  I let him, and then sub in the 2nd spoon.  I keep feeding him and he seems pretty OK with it as long as he can hold one spoon himself.  Then he’ll grab the spoon I’m using, and  while he’s preoccupied with that I’ll steal back the first spoon…
  • We cut up soft fruit for him to pick up and eat on his own.  He really loves fruit (especially strawberries and kiwis) but they are so slippery that he gets frustrated by dropping them all the time.  I let him practice until he gets upset, though. 

That’s about it.  He does still seem to get frustrated quickly, especially when he’s in a perilous mood to start with, but we’ve managed to prevent any total meltdowns lately. 

Here Isaac models his new bib, spoon, and suction cup bowl.  And he is eating some tasty sludge made from Apple Blueberry Sauce + Whole Grain instant baby cereal.

Boulder Weekend 023

He likes to put his hands into the bowl.  This is where the suction cup becomes very handy!

Boulder Weekend 024

Here he’s eating kiwi, while showing off his new designer sippy cup.

Zach Visits Boulder 137

Careful concentration while picking up a slippery kiwi:

Zach Visits Boulder 147

He likes to hold his sippy cup but doesn’t understand that you need to tip the bottom up, so I help him out.

Zach Visits Boulder 157

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Johanna permalink
    May 18, 2010 2:11 pm

    Exactly, with switching of the spoons! I want that bowel with the suction!

  2. lucia permalink
    May 19, 2010 7:02 am

    1. i love the circular/donut sippy cup – sooo cute
    2. i love that he loves fruit. fruit is the best and the slippery mango fotos were classic.

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