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Mother’s Day

May 16, 2010

My first mother’s day was this year!  Here’s what we did.

  1. I went and got a latte & a muffin at a coffee shop, all alone.  It was fun.  On my way to get…
  2. A Pedicure.
  3. While waiting for the pedicure place to open (waking up at 6am causes you to show up to places like nail salons waaaay before they’re open for business) I went into Best Buy to get a new cell phone.  I’d dropped mine the day before and after 2.5 years of abuse it finally broke.
  4. Then later that afternoon I went hiking with Jamie, Stephen, Isaac, and Greta.
  5. After hiking we got some ice cream and sat on our sunny back patio to eat it. Isaac loved the Sweet Cream flavor.  He was not allowed to try the Espresso Chip flavor for fear of what a caffeinated Isaac would be like.

It was a very fun day.  Here are some pics from the hike:

Jamie and Isaac get suited up for the hike.  Note the new hardcore baby backpack for hiking (got it from our old Seattle neighbors – for free!).  Also note the new baby sunhat for sunny Colorado summers.  And finally note Jamie’s prescription sunglasses… Remember these from our bike trip?  They made everyone think that Jamie was a blind man dexterously flossing his teeth in the campground bathrooms. 

Mother's Day Hike 001

Mother's Day Hike 002

Beautiful view from along the trail.  We started our hike in Chautauqua park, which is right in the city near the University.  It was really crowded because of graduation weekend, but it was still beautiful.  We can’t get over the fact that you can hike right into the mountains from downtown Boulder!

Mother's Day Hike 009

Mother's Day Hike 008

Poor Isaac got tired at the end of the walk.

Mother's Day Hike 017

Then he got a second wind and enjoyed sitting in the grass for a little bit before heading home.

Mother's Day Hike 022

Sans sun hat.

Mother's Day Hike 024

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