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Raw Foods Potluck

May 10, 2010

On Saturday evening, after Jamie and Stephen recovered from their ride, we all attended a Raw Foods Potluck a.k.a. Rawluck.  I’ve heard of these before through blogs that I look at for raw food recipes, and they do have raw meet-ups in Seattle, but I just never went to one there because I was busy with lots of other stuff.  But, since we don’t know anyone in Boulder I decided that it would be interesting and fun to attend a Raw Potluck!

I told Jamie he had to come with me and then we convinced Stephen to come along too.   Here’s how it works: each person is supposed to bring a dish to share, just like a normal potluck.  The group sends out an email to new members with guidelines on what you should bring.  Here are some quotes from the message:

  • Bring a dish to share with 8-10 people.
  • Dish must be Plant Based, Vegan, Organic, and Raw.  Please support local vendors.
  • Bring ingredients list! Please label ingredients with “Not Org” if not organic.
  • Only take a small portion as a first serving, you can come back for more after everyone has tried each dish.
  • Please be careful when posting to not include talk that is relevant to animal product sharings as it is not a welcomed subject among the group.
  • We are a community in this raw plant based living foods journey together. Join us now – your presence can make a difference!
  • I look forward to FEASTING with you!
  • One guy left a comment on that he’d brought a bag of organic grapes from Whole Foods to share at the Rawluck, but then someone pulled him aside and said “It is unacceptable to bring just a bag of grapes!  People have spent a lot of time and money on these dishes and you can’t just show up with a bag of grapes!” 

OK so these guidelines really aren’t all that strange considering I’d signed us all up to voluntarily attend a party full of people that are really into eating all raw & vegan foods.  But when you add on that last scary one, the guideline were strongly worded and extreme enough to get us nervous about what we were going to be in for…

I spent the afternoon making a huge asian cole slaw type salad and a big bowl of raw carrot ginger soup to bring in order to cover Jamie, Stephen, Isaac, and myself.  I figured the salad would count as two dishes, and the soup as one.  I was really nervous that we’d show up with two bowls, three adults, and get shamed out of the party.  We were also banking on Isaac being a really cute party guest & ice breaker, and also a convenient excuse to leave if it was horrible.  “Oh Isaac is really cranky, he must be tired, we have to go.  Too bad, maybe we’ll see you next time!”  hehe

We showed up right at 6:30pm…and we were the first guests.  Ugh, we don’t really consider ourselves social butterflies and did not want this to happen.  The host’s name was Vajra (Vazh-Ra) and she was an older white lady in mom jeans.  Not what you’d picture as a Rawluck host with the name of Vajra, but she was a nice lady and was very welcoming & friendly.   About 15 minutes later people really started to arrive and the party was hopping – there were probably 20 or more people there.   While we were milling about we met a woman who had just attended a conference about “soul talking” and said that Isaac was soul talking to her.   She was a very nice lady, but this type of stuff is hard for me to handle without rolling my eyes and getting them stuck in the back of my head.  🙂 We let him soul talk to her for a bit and then moved on to other guests.

Eating was supposed to start at 6:45 and we were feeling really antsy because we’d wanted to be out of there by 7:30pm (Isaac’s bedtime)!   A little before 7, Vajra decided she wanted to go around the room and do introductions because of all the new faces…aka Us.  She started introductions off with a long winded introduction about how she was renting this house, she was very happy here, her landlord “farmed” the backyard, she was going to be about 15 minutes late to someone’s Tuesday night party, etc, etc.  My stomach started to get all twisted up from antsy-ness as I dreaded sitting through long winded introductions from chatty & spacey hippy types.  I tried not to fidget too much, and 30 minutes later it seemed like the intros were winding down.

Stephen was standing in the front row with fast access to all the food, so I handed him a plate and whispered “Get ready to rush in there!”  Unfortunately I was overheard by another guest, who turned to me and said “Not so fast, first we have to say the blessing.”  Ooops!  So everyone held hands, there was a long and slightly awkward search for someone willing to give the blessing, and then eventually someone was found and mentions were made of the sustaining life force, he or she whoever that force may be, sun gazing, crystals (ok maybe not that part) and various other new agey things. 

THEN we finally got to eat!  The food was good, but it was actually much more simple that I’d been expecting.  Lots of fresh fruit (strawberries, blackberries, apple slices in cinnamon), and lots of salads made with leafy greens.   Seemed like a bag of grapes from Whole Foods would have fit in just fine!  :)  The more unusual things were coconut/date/cashew truffles and some Nori/Avocado rolls. 

The crowd was much older that we’d expected – quite a few people in their 50s and 60s.  There were also a few in their 40s, and two other girls in their late 20s/early 30s like us.   We talked to them and found out that they were among the strangest people there.  I base this judgment on the fact that when I told one of the girls my name was Sarah, she said “Oh that’s my real name!” …she’d just gotten done introducing herself as something like Ji Ji.  Nice.

We hung out & ate for 30 or 40 minutes by which point it was way past Isaac’s bedtime, he was getting fussy, and he’d just taken a huge poop which was starting to stink up the room.  Those things were enough to send us on our way.

Overall it was a great experience, I’m glad we tried it out.  Some of the people were a little strange and too new-agey to handle, but overall they were very sweet and welcoming people.  No pics this time…but maybe I will take some if we go back again!

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  1. GrandPapa DEE permalink
    May 11, 2010 4:29 am

    I think you missed a real opportunity. Something like: Hi, my name is JaJa Boomaling. We just moved to Boulder so I could be closer to the sun. We brought fresh grass clippings to eat; best way to compost almost anything!:)

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