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Moved In

May 4, 2010

On Sunday afternoon we successfully moved into the house we’re subleasing for the summer!  It only took us 2 hours to unload the Uhaul – not too bad.  We stacked most of our boxes in one room of the house and we hope to leave them packed in there for the summer.  I did have to unpack my VitaMix and my Juicer, though.  I couldn’t make it through the summer without them!  In fact, yesterday I used the Vitamix to make a spicy raw tahini salad dressing (recipe here), and this morning I made some celery-cucumber-apple-ginger juice. 

To complete the Boulder health-freak trifecta, I drank some Kombucha for the first time ever yesterday.   I was a little freaked out to try it because I know it is fermented and that just sounds kind of gross to me.  I  was pleasantly surprised, though.  The kind I got tasted like a cross between ginger ale and berry soda with just a little white wine type tanginess.  Not bad!

First day in Boulder 001

I did make a big mistake, though, and shook up the kombucha before drinking it.  I didn’t realize it was a carbonated drink, and so it went spraying all over the place when I opened it.  Oops.

I don’t have pics of our new house yet because it’s not really clean and organized yet.  Instead of doing, we went out for a hike yesterday evening with Jamie’s brother Stephen.  He’s in law school at University of Colorado, so he lives in Boulder, too!

We walked out of our house and up a hill to exit our neighborhood…and then suddenly we were in a huge open park right up against the base of the mountains.  Gorgeous!

We hiked up the fairly steep trail for maybe a mile or two until we reached the top, which is where the National Center for Atmospheric Research is based. 

First day in Boulder 003

This one was taken right after we attempted to pose with Greta, but she freaked out and took off down the other side of the mountain!!  Luckily she came back to us a minute later…

First day in Boulder 005

Isaac was having a great time.  He kept staring at Stephen and grinning.

First day in Boulder 006


First day in Boulder 010

That’s Boulder down there in the background.

First day in Boulder 015

We let Isaac play in the grass for a little bit.

First day in Boulder 017

Greta & Stephen

First day in Boulder 018

First day in Boulder 020

Isaac grabbed a handful of grass, of course.

First day in Boulder 021

Greta tried to sit on Stephen’s lap

First day in Boulder 024

We can really feel the elevation here.  We got out of breath during this hike, I have a slight headache all the time, and we both feel really thirsty.  Oh and it’s so dry here – I feel like I’m about to get a nosebleed any minute! Very different from Seattle, we are loving it!

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  1. Johanna permalink
    May 4, 2010 4:13 pm

    Headache, nosebleed, dry mouth, that does sound like a blast haha! Looks beautiful =)

    • May 7, 2010 9:00 am

      One more thing to add to the list – it snowed 1-2″ last night! But it was all melted by 10am and it’s sunny and warm again now. I like it!

  2. lucia permalink
    May 4, 2010 6:39 pm

    i see that FARGO shirt is popular with the Welle brothers. i want one! or maybe one that says CALEXICO. destination shirts are so cool.

    • May 7, 2010 8:59 am

      A little known fact about the Welle brothers (actually I’m not sure about Stephen, but this is true for Jamie) … 90% of his tshirt wardrobe was procured as gifts, mostly from his mother. That’s where the Fargo shirts came from! Maybe Brian could hook you up during his next visit home…

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