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Road Trip Day 3 – mostly Wyoming

May 2, 2010

Here’s what the southern high plains of Wyoming look like.  Reminds us of the Badlands.

Road Trip Days 2&3 027

Road Trip Days 2&3 029

Road Trip Days 2&3 030

A lot of the route along I80 is at such a high elevation (like 6-7,000 ft) that it was near freezing and there was still snow on the ground!

Road Trip Days 2&3 031

Rest stops were no longer fun here because of the coldness and high winds.  We started to feel really sorry for Isaac because he was entering his third day of solitary confinement in the backseat.  He forgot his parents existed and started talking to his toys as a replacement for human interaction.  The only living creature he knew of was Greta, who would periodically stand up in the back at which point Isaac would squeal with pure joy. 

Around 5pm we crossed the border from Wyoming to Colorado.  Yay!!

Road Trip Days 2&3 033

It was sunny and beautiful with big mountains off to the west.  I couldn’t get great pics from the car because of the bright sun!

Road Trip Days 2&3 036

Road Trip Days 2&3 037

We arrived at the house we’re subleasing at 7pm and were met with an unpleasant surprise.  The family that lives there wasn’t done moving out.  Not even close.  It looked like a bomb had exploded in their front yard – there was stuff laying everywhere and there was even an empty Uhaul on their front curb waiting to be loaded.  I tried to take a picture, but it doesn’t even come close to capturing the full effect.

Road Trip Days 2&3 041

We’d told them we were leaving Seattle on Thursday and would be arriving Saturday or Sunday – we weren’t sure how long the drive would take us.  They apparently took that to mean they had all day Saturday and Sunday to move out of the house.   They’d told us they were having a cleaning service come through the house on Saturday to professionally clean it before we moved it, so we figured that by arriving at 7pm on Saturday it’d be perfect.  It really sucked to arrive and see this chaos because we’d been driving all day, it was almost Isaac’s bedtime and he was really fussy because he was hungry and tired.  So after getting a tour of the disastrously dirty house we had to get back in the car and find a hotel to stay in for the night ( which they offered to pay for). 

It is Sunday morning right now and we’re about to go back to the house to move in (hopefully).  We’re pretty nervous – judging by the state of the house last night there is no way they’re out by now.  Jamie has to work on Monday morning, he has an important meeting at 9am, so our main goal today will be to get his office set up.   Wish us luck!!

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