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Road Trip Day 2 – mostly Idaho

May 2, 2010

Day two on the road was mostly spent in Idaho.  We left La Grande, OR around 9am expecting two more mountain passes.  We went through them but barely even noticed – the road just seemed hilly up and down, but nothing too steep or curvy or scary.  Idaho was pretty, it was mostly flat fields with mountains in the distance.

Road Trip Days 2&3 001

Road Trip Days 2&3 004

Road Trip Days 2&3 017

The flat lands of Idaho became VERY windy.  Luckily it was a tailwind or our gas mileage would have been like 5 mpg.  As it was, we were at 15 or 16mpg which is much better than we’d been expecting with our gigantic load. I kept thinking about how horrible it would be to try to ride a bicycle west across the state.  You’d be fighting to just stay upright and make any progress.

Here’s a shot of our big rig, by the way:

Road Trip Days 2&3 006

Here is Greta peeking out her private back window.  If you think she looks sad in this picture, she probably is.  She is wondering why we are torturing her by forcing her to drive across the country.  She actually had the most comfortable seat of all of us though.  The entire back part of the 4Runner was hers – she could stand up, turn around, and lay down on her bed comfortably!

Road Trip Days 2&3 012

Here are some pictures of what the inside of our car looked like (Johanna this is for you!)  Behind the passenger seat we had a cooler full of snacks including bagels and cream cheese, crackers and cottage cheese, granola bars, sugar snap peas, baby carrots, pretzels…  It was enough food to last us all the way from Seattle to Boulder!  We brought the cowboy pillow for nursing and also for sleeping.  There are some blankets & jackets crammed onto the floor – we used the blankets to sit on at rest stops.

Road Trip Days 2&3 043 

Here is the view of what I saw when I turned around and looked at the back seat.  That’s the cooler on the left, the baby car seat on the right, and then a big pile of baby toys piled up between the two things.  This worked out  really well for me.   When Isaac was awake and playing with things I would reach back, pick a toy out of the pile, and hand it to him.  From the front seat I could see his little hand stick out to grab the toy.  He’d take it from me and touch it, hit it, suck on it, whatever he wanted to do with that toy.  Eventually that one would get old and he’d start to get fussy, so I’d hand him another one.  I rotated between big soft stuffed toys, smaller toys you can bite, toys that made a lot of noise, and then the final key to our road trip success was baby cookies.  After he got sick of playing with toys and started to get fussy I would hand back either a baby teething cookie or a pretzel rod.  He loved these and would sometimes even fall asleep while sucking on a cookie.  It was hilarious to see what he looked like at rest stops – he was literally coated in dissolve cookie mush.  I didn’t take a picture, but I should have!

Road Trip Days 2&3 045

Isaac did so much better on the car trip than we were expecting.   We would start driving about 30 minutes before he was due for his first nap of the day.  He’d play with toys, suck on his cookie, and then usually fall asleep.  When he woke up from his nap we’d drive until he started to get fussy, then we’d stop for a break:  nursing, diaper change, activity of some sort.  Then back in the car where he’d play, fall asleep, and then wake up and fuss.  Start over.   I was really shocked that he was able to fall asleep with minimal crying for his naps!  The first day he cried the most, but after that he just fell asleep by himself. 

Here’s the view from the driver’s side door.  Just the baby car seat.  On the empty floor below the car seat we carried Greta’s water dish and the diaper bag.   Oh, and we put that waterproof white sheet over the bench seat to prevent it getting destroyed by cookie crumbs, etc.

Road Trip Days 2&3 046

On Day 2 we decided to drive more than our daily average goal of 450 miles, so we gave Isaac a bottle at 730pm or so to load him up with food, he fell asleep, and we drove until almost midnight.   The night time driving was pretty stressful because the roads were curvy and the white lines were practically non-existent at some points!   Around 11 we were feeling really tired and decided to stop at the next possible hotel that allowed dogs.  We were in Wyoming by that point and it took a long time for us to find a town big enough to have a hotel, but we finally did.  Whew!

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  1. GrandPapa DEE permalink
    May 3, 2010 2:21 am

    Your post reminds me of when our family would travel to Swan Lake for the summer. My mother would pack 5 kids, dog, sometimes a bird, and one year my two ducks, and all the belongings required for a whole summer, in an old fashioned station wagon. Thank goodness it was only 320 miles, across three states. Although “Back in the day” the two lane road was in poor condition, and the trip took one entire day, a very long day. Your grandmother would be proud of you.

    PS – I don’t ever remember using a UHAUL, but the top of the station wagon had a luggage rack, which of course was packed to the maximum, making us resemble something on the order of “The Beverly Hillbillies” or even Chevy Chase, National Lampoon “Vacation”. We never put Grandma on the roof though or dragged the dog down the road, while tied to the bumper.

  2. Aunty Linda permalink
    May 3, 2010 6:07 pm

    I remember those trips to Swan Lake too. One year the ducks started out on top of the station wagon in a box. When it started to rain we kids cried until Mom stopped the car to get the ducks “out of the rain” and they rode in the car for the rest of the trip. The things Grandma did to make the family happy!!

  3. May 3, 2010 7:23 pm

    Ha! I was prepared to not believe the part about the ducks riding in the car…but now that Aunty Linda has verified, it must be true! 🙂

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