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The Joy of Moving

April 27, 2010

I am finally starting to feel the stress of the upcoming cross country move!  Today we picked up our 6×12 Uhaul trailer, I have been packing and cleaning during every spare moment for the past 4 days, and our house literally has no furniture left in it as of this afternoon.  Other than Isaac’s bed, changing table, and rocking chair – all of which we’re keeping.

Here are some high and low points of the past few days.

High Points:

  • Jamie successfully driving the Uhaul trailer home from the pickup.  His first time driving a Big Rig!
  • Sarah successfully backing the Uhaul trailer into our driveway!!  Included a little bit of driving on the neighbors lawns, but no grass was torn up so I consider it a success
  • Uhaul sales guy teasing Jamie for locking his car when we were standing 15 ft away from it and the area was deserted.  (Mr Safety strikes again)
  • Uhaul sales guy was a very quirky & very skinny guy who kept mumbling about how he wouldnt be able to do various essential parts of the trailer hookup process because he doesnt have any “muss-kulls”.  We found him grunting in the garage after a 15 minute absence – eventually Jamie helped him with some heavy lifting so that we could get the show on the road.
  • We can gain 15 minutes of “happy Isaac time” by giving him a rice cracker to eat.  He loves being able to hold something you can gnaw on and eat!
  • Our Seattle friends keep teasing us that they just threw us a going away party two years ago, and we are probably going to keep coming back to Seattle and fake-leaving in order to milk them for all the parties we can get.
  • Some friends came over tonight to help us with packing (Emily, Sam, Kate).   Doing not-fun stuff while hanging out with your friends makes it waaaay more fun. 

Low Points:

  • After 4 days of nonstop cleaning, our Landlord informed us that part of our deposit is a non-refundable cleaning fee.  Which means I dont need to clean.  I am sure this isn’t in the lease, but because we don’t actually have a copy of the lease (stupid) there is no point in fighting this.  I am focusing on being happy that I dont have to finish cleaning in a frantic burst tomorrow.
  • During the 2 hour car journey to various Uhaul shops in our quest to pick up our 6×12 trailer Isaac demonstrated his screaming prowess.  The good news is that he can’t really keep it up for more than 15 minutes without beginning to lose his voice.  He falls asleep shortly after that.  Poor guy!
  • I asked Jamie to contribute to “high points and low points” and he whimpered “I can’t think straight right now!!!!!”
  • The state of our house right now.   And the fact that we are going to watch our beloved LOST while sitting in camping chairs in a weird echoey living room surrounded by large baby toys that wont fit in boxes.  While Greta paces around restlessly staring at us.
  • Sleeping on an air mattress, which Jamie realizes is hurting his back.  So he has to start sleeping on a camping mattress instead.  This actually brings back fond memories of our bicycle tour so it’s not technically a Low.
  • The face Jamie is making at me right now.  I would take a picture to show you, but I don’t know where my camera is.   Another Low!
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  1. GrandPapa DEE permalink
    April 28, 2010 4:02 am

    You really have a gift; writing so eloquently, amidst all the highs and lows, leaving me laughing out loud, with tears in my eyes. You are the greatest.
    Peace & Love

  2. April 28, 2010 2:49 pm

    I hope the journey is as smooth and uneventful as it can be with a little one! Good luck.

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