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Visit from Ethan

April 24, 2010

On Thursday Isaac and I got together with a girl from our birth class, Melissa, and her son Ethan.  Ethan is about 5 weeks younger than Isaac.  We, of course, had to set them on the couch next to each other to take cute pictures of them snuggled up side by side.  Isaac was very interested in checking out Ethan when they were near each other.  When Ethan first arrived Isaac got very grabby with the poor kid’s clothes and succeeded in ripping off (and eating) one of his socks.  He also grabbed at and sucked on Melissa’s coat sleeve.

Later on when they were on the couch together Isaac was grabby with Ethan again.  When he started kissing Ethan’s face Melissa and I just about died laughing.  It was the cutest thing ever – I was taking as many pictures as I could while Melissa tried to prevent Isaac from poking Ethan in the eye.

Ethan visit 018 

When Ethan is happy, he’s very happy!

 Ethan visit 020

Ethan visit 021

Ethan visit 022

First Isaac comes after me and my camera, but I elude his grabs.  I know this guy and how he operates – he can’t get me!  Meanwhile Ethan lets down his guard and begins to slowly topple over…

Ethan visit 023

Ethan visit 024

We help Ethan back up, and Isaac makes his move.  A grab for the face:

Ethan visit 025 

Ethan visit 026

And a little taste…

Ethan visit 027 

Ethan visit 028

Feeling Ethan’s face and getting a better hold…

Ethan visit 029

He looks like he’s really enjoying himself here.

Ethan visit 030

Things begin to get overwhelming – Melissa has to step in and reset the situation.

Ethan visit 031 

But Isaac leans right back in for another kiss!

Ethan visit 032

You have to look closely, but in this picture you can see a lovely strand of drool connecting the two boys’ mouths 🙂

 Ethan visit 033

Ethan visit 034

Isaac wants another kiss, but Ethan thinks he’s had enough for one afternoon.  He is a civilized boy and wants to get to know Isaac a little better before such liberties can be taken!

Ethan visit 035

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  1. GrandPapa DEE permalink
    April 25, 2010 11:52 am

    Isaac definitely has some major moves. Well done little man!

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